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Bawal Aulia (BA) is one of the newest basic square scarves collection in Mawaddah Izzati which made from Chiffon Georgette fabric which is a quite behave material for great awning. The material used makes it easy to wear, less ironing and of course it is comfortable to wear for every . This time, BA have four vertices on its design which make its different from Bawal Squircle. Besides that, this collection also comes with a matching colour Purdah (two layers) that can be add-on for those who request to. With a clean finishing, we are very sure that you are going to love this basic Square Scarves. It is a must have for simple and casual lovers!

Product description
• Stitches: Basic Seam
• Fabric: Chiffon Georgette

Care instruction
• Machine/Hand wash, cold wash, do not tumble dry or bleach
• Low to medium heat iron

• We would recommend delicate wash if you're using a washing machine. Hand wash is highly recommended to maintain fabric quality.
• The colours in the pictures may be slightly different based on lighting and individual screen resolution settings on each device.